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TRGOVINA KRAP,  2018 vse pravice so pridržane

Gra za rolo z sprednjo zavoro, ki jo lahko uporabljamo za spin kakor tudi za Match različico ribolova. 

Velikosti 2500 in 4000FB


AX® FB Feature Details
Normal oscillation systems use a constant rotation of the oscillation gear that, when translated to the cam, provides an inconsistent spool speed. This results in line lay that stacks at either end of the spool. By using an oval oscillation gear, we are able to alter the speed of the oscillation cam to provide a consistent spool speed. This results in an even line lay that provides excellent castability and manageability.
Super Stopper® II
Super Stopper II anti-reverse uses a one-way bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power. In some reels, the Super Stopper II can be turned off to allow backreeling for special techniques and situations.
This feature eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counterbalancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness. By using computer balancing, an approach similar to car tire balancing, we are able to redistribute the rotor weight to create smooth rotation and eliminate vibrations caused by the reel.
Power Roller® II
This is an oversized line roller that reduces twist from casting and retrieving and is enhanced with a tapered area on the support to help line get onto the roller quicker.

Rola SHIMANO AX 2500-4000FB

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